WIZ KHALIFA and KANYE WEST”s ex AMBER ROSE are looking forward to wedding bells, and Wiz declares:

“It’s gonna be gangster.”


The skeletal tattooed rapper and his smoothly voluptuous glamor model girlfriend aren’t saying when, where, or even if they have already. Star news knows one thing’s for sure though: Amber and Wiz have been tight as thieves ever since she rebounded on the 24-year-old “Say Yeah” singer after a tempestuous two-year-relationship with Kanye West

“You can let people have fun and let them talk about what they want to but at the end of the day it’s gonna come out and people are gonna know what’s up so we just let that go,”

Wiz has declared about his year-long union with Amber.

And while a gangsta wedding seems to be in the offing…

“She loves Slash, but she don’t know what I’m gonna do with that too,”

says a bewildered Wiz.

Well, good luck with that one, Wiz

Image via WENN

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