Hollywood rumors just heard DEMI MOORE and ASHTON KUTCHER‘s divorce has taken a nasty turn…financially, that is. We’re just now cottoning on to the fact that Demi wants to give Ashton a hard time of it, money-wise. He is the bigger earner of the two, after all.

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The way we see it, Demi‘s really been affected by Ashton‘s infidelity and their upcoming divorce. Just take a look at her rapidly dwindling frame and you can tell in an instant. This is not a happy woman…

And it seems she’s setting out to make sure Ashton suffers just as much as she does. Assuming these two don’t have a prenup, Demi‘s getting half of everything they both made in the six years they’ve been married. And Ashton‘s been making plenty!

When they tied the knot in 2005, Demi had a net worth of $150 million, and was making $20 million per movie. Ashton‘s career was just beginning to take off, having just hit it big with “That 70′s Show” on television.

Now, their positions are reversed. Ashton is earning $700,000 for each episode of “Two And A Half Men,” and this doesn’t include the estimated $6 million a year he earns from various investments, such as from social media.

If we’re to assume these two don’t have a prenup, Demi gets half of everything, and under California law, which has one of the highest support orders in the world,  she’ll also be entitled to between 30 to 40 percent in spousal support each month. So assuming Ashton‘s making $10 million a year, Demi can pretty much put up her tootsies and take it easy for the rest of her life.

Assuming this is her goal, of course.

So sound out and let us know whether Demi should make Ashton bleed…

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