Hollywood rumors are on a roll with speculations that KATE MIDDLETON, the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant. Will the fourth in line to the throne be growing in her curiously concave tummy even as we speak?


And what sparked these rumors off? Why, peanut paste, of course…

Kate and her Prince William toured Copenhagen in Denmark this week where they visited a United Nations aid depot and helped load UNICEF packages handed out in areas suffering from famine. Their hosts, the Danish Crown Prince and his wife, offered William and Kate a taste of some peanut paste, which William dug into but Kate politely declined…

And how did the baby rumors arise from that?

Well point one: it’s considered royal protocol to taste everything your host country invites you to taste. Point two: isn’t Kate quite a stickler for protocol ever since she joined the royal family? Point three: Kate‘s spokesman dispelled any rumors Kate had a peanut allergy.

And most telling, point four: as William read the package of peanut paste that displayed the standard government warning urging pregnant women to stay away from peanuts and their bi-products to avoid allergies, his wife gave him a knowing look, politely declining a taste while the cameras clicked away.

Well, now. It seems the Queen is in for a surprise (if she doesn’t know already) of another great-grandchild.

We hope William and Kate make the announcement soon.

Images via WENN

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