JONATHAN LIPNICKI, that bespectacled kid from the TOM CRUISE movie, “Jerry Maguire looks like this now:

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Who’d have thought he’d turn out to be such a hunk? *rowrrr*

The 21-year-old adorable kid who played Renee Zellweger‘s allergic son in the 1996 movie, “Jerry Maguire,” and George Little in both “Stuart Little” movies, has developed the most amazing six-pack to rival even that of The Situation‘s. And he’s such a baby-faced cutie, too. Think Toby Maguire, only built…

Jonathan Lipnicki‘s just about now making his showbiz comeback and he’s currently promoting his latest movie, “Broken Roads,” a feature film by Justin Chambers, currently filming “Tag,” and has a new movie, “For The Love Of Money” in post-production. Meanwhile, he’s been pumping a lot of iron at the gym.

My, Jonathan Lipnicki sure has been busy…

So if you’ve ever wondered along the lines of…”whatever happened to that kid”….well, here’s another child star to have come out of retirement looking way different than we’ve ever expected.

Hollywood celebrity websites are excited to see how he’ll do, and given the photos below, a lot of that excitement’s driving pheromones up in the air…

Images via Facebook / Caliendo Photography

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