JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and JIMMY FALLON looked as if they were enjoying some playful guy-on-guy action on the cover of GQ magazine…

But did Jimmy really touch Justin’s man parts?

justin timberlake jimmy fallon GQ 1

Jimmy, who appears on the cover of GQ magazine’s December 2011 issue with Justin Timberlake, appears to be touching the singer-turned-actor‘s junk in the photo above. But did they really get acquainted with each other physically? The talk show host told E! Online:

“There’s no actual contact—no physical contact.”

Fallon added:

“It’s like one of those round machines at Sharper Image where lightening shoots out and up to your hands. There was no actual contact, but there was electricity.”

Despite the absence of hanky-panky, Jimmy admitted that he really enjoyed doing the shoot with Justin. He said:

“Anytime you get to shoot with Justin Timberlake, it’s going to be fun. He’s full of energy. It’s actually the best photo shoot I’ve ever done.”

Check out the rest of Justin and Jimmy’s hilarious photos:

images via GQ Magazine

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