KHLOE KARDASHIAN named her two half-sisters, KENDALL and KYLIE JENNER “Hollywood’s Most Stylish Sisters” at the 2011 Hollywood Style Awards. Of course. The Kardashian Klan always patronizes their own… or didn’t you know?

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Khloe presented her sisters with glass trophies at The Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas where the ceremony took place, and Hollywood celebrity websites are wondering this marks Kylie and Kendall‘s full-time solo debuts into showbiz. After all, they’ve been groomed into the business for the last five years or so, who’s to say they won’t get spinoff reality shows of their own soon…

“People always say that it’s so hard to share awards but I’m so happy to share this title with you,”

Kylie gushed onstage as she and Kendall clutched their awards. She was dressed in a sheer white, lacy blouse, a black, frilly skirt and black, strappy, stilletto heels, while Kendall donned a sheer, light green blouse, a white, layered mini skirt and silver stiletto sandals.

Are they the only stylish sisters in Hollywood you can think of off the top of your head? Tell us…

In any case, the two youngest  Kardashian Klan members have this award to add to their resumes as they enter the family business empire on a full-time basis. Maybe they’ll continue their respective modeling careers they’ve launched recently – Kendall at the Sherry Hill Fashion Show, and Kylie at Avril Lavigne‘s Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week in September.

So, Mason Disick… when’s your showbiz debut going to be?

Images via video screen grabs

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