As we all know, KIM KARDASHIAN filed for divorce from her husband on Monday, which was the 31st of October. What some of us don’t know is that the date isn’t just significant because it’s Halloween… it’s also the first year anniversary of the day she met her soon-to-be ex, KRIS HUMPHRIES.


Yep… Kim filed the divorce papers exactly one year after she met Kris. Pretty poetic, don’t you think?

According to TMZ, the couple met at a New Jersey Nets basketball game on October 31, 2010, where Kim was sitting courtside. She spotted Kris as he was playing, thought was “cute,” and immediately arranged a meeting with him. A couple of months later, it was confirmed that the reality star was dating the towering athlete.

Another couple of months later, they were married in a huge, lavish wedding that was talked about extensively on celebrity gossip websites… and 72 days later, Kim filed for divorce.

We wonder if Kim realizes that she filed the papers to ditch Kris on the same day she arranged to meet him?

images via WENN

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