KRIS HUMPHRIES reportedly wants an annulment, not a divorce, according to the latest star news. Why? Because he definitely wants to get married again… and hopefully for longer than 72 days next time.

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Kris will reportedly file for annulment in response to his soon-to-be-ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s divorce petition, which she filed on Halloween. A source tells

“…he absolutely plans on getting married again. Since the marriage only lasted 72 days, Kris feels that an annulment is appropriate. Kris will formally declare on the documents that he is seeking a legal separation from Kim. This is what needs to take place in California, for the judge to grant the annulment.”

The source adds:

“[Kris wants] this to be over with as quickly as possible. The divorce could be finalized in six months, and since there was a pre-nup, there is no reason why that shouldn’t happen. Kris doesn’t plan on contesting anything, and won’t ask Kim for anything. When the annulment is granted, it will be as if Kris was never married to Kim.”

Hmm. We wonder how Kim will react when she finds out about this? Stay tuned.

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