LILY ALLEN just gave birth to a baby girl last night after going through two miscarriages in the last three years. Lily and her husband, businessman Sam Cooper must be over the moon to finally have their long-awaited child.

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The 26-year-old outspoken English singer, who married long-time partner, Sam Cooper in June, lost a baby three years ago, and another one last year, and while Lily hasn’t mentioned anything overt on her Twitter page, she sent out the cryptic

“Totes Amaze,”

eleven hours ago, perhaps her version of “totally amazing,” star news surmised.

Even her ex-boyfriend, DJ Seb Chew, who has remained close friends with Lily, tweeted his congratulations:

“sending out love to lily, sam and mini cooper……YES.”

Earlier in October, Lily reported experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions, false labor pains a majority of pregnant women experience as early as six weeks before giving birth.

Toni Braxton Hinda Hicks.”

Lily tweeted to her fans in her odd social media lingo.

She’d also declined to reveal the baby’s gender, despite her own mother, film producer Alison Owen‘s desire to find out.

“It’s between me and my husband,”

Lily‘s been quoted as saying.

“She thinks she knows what it is and whenever she calls me she refers to the baby as Betty.”

So is the new mini-Cooper going to be named “Betty?”

Image via Twitter

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