The youngest OLSEN sister, ELIZABETH, tells celebrity news she’s had to live in the shadow of her more famous sisters, twins ASHLEY and MARY-KATE. Which is probably the reason why she’s had to work doubly hard in making a name for herself in Tinseltown.

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Known as the “curvier” Olsen sister, and with good reason, Elizabeth, fondly known as Lizzie to her family, has stirred an Oscar buzz with her critically acclaimed performance in her Hollywood debut, “Martha Marci May Marlene,” where she plays a young rape victim who escapes a cult and develops a multiple personality disorder to cope with reality…

“It’s very clear that I’m the younger sister,”

Elizabeth admits ruefully.

“My whole life they’ve been like women, while I’ve been trying to be a woman but still a kid.”

Because of her famous sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley, who’d started their careers as toddlers on television’s “Full House,” graduated to teen stars, then segued from movies to become successful fashion designers in their own right, Elizabeth has been treated oddly almost all of her life.

It’s driven her to take acting even more seriously, and with rumors buzzing around Tinseltown that she’s on the shortlist for an Oscar, she’s apparently halfway to achieving her goal.

“I’ve always had a complex about being taken seriously,”

Elizabeth says.

“I never wanted anyone to think that I would use my family name to get me anywhere.”

We take Elizabeth seriously, alright. She’ll be appearing in “Silent House” come March next year, and you can bet she’ll give an Oscar-worthy performance there, too…

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