Veteran broadcast journalist BARBARA WALTERS effectively put KIM KARDASHIAN and her family on the spot with probing questions about the sex tape that catapulted Kim to notoriety…or fame, if you want to put it that way… back in 2007.

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Leave it to the hard-hitting Walters to grill the reality star about whether Kim thought the sex tape was a good idea at the time. It was actually pitiful seeing Kim flounder and try not to stammer in the face of Barbara‘s withering glare during the family’s interview on “Barbara Walters‘ Most Fascinating People of 2011″ …

“You first came to public attention in 2007 with the sex tape…”

Barbara Walters begins without preamble.

“…and you became famous…so was it a good thing to have done looking back?

Kim gapes a bit before she blurting out a stumbling reply.

“I really believe that with anything in life, whatever you do…you might think…”

she says, before ending with

“I’m…I’ve… made mistakes in my life, for sure.”

Talk about being in the hot seat.

“It was devastating for the whole family,”

Kris Jenner replies to Barbara‘s question about what the whole family felt about Kim‘s sex tape

“and you cry yourself to sleep for a few nights, then you hire a really good attorney and try to make something, you know, better happen.”

Things got better for the Kardashian Klan, alright, because here they are in showbiz making millions of dollars for being famous… and they don’t even need to have any talents.


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