A serious-looking DEMI LOVATO went on Twitter recently to show off her new ink, and the message it bears surely has a lot to do with how much she has changed over the past year.

demi lovato new faith tattoo twitter

This makes it a total of six tattoos the former Disney star now has, from a feather behind her ear, the words “Stay” and “Strong” on her wrists, and the phrase “You make me beautiful” on her side, along with a cross on her hand. For Demi, keeping the faith is a testament of her resilience in the face of a crazy industry that once pulled her down a dark and deeply deranged path…

But then again,

“Sometimes you just gotta have a little bit of……”

Demi tweeted, along with the accompanying grainy polaroid of her new skin adornment.

Perhaps it’s a message of inspiration to the many women and girls still fighting their own demons at the the Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center where Demi received her own treatment last year, and visited earlier this week to share some motivational messages and prayers.

And perhaps it’s also a message to herself to remind her always to keep her head above treacherous waters…

Photo Via Demi Lovato‘s Twitter

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