DIANNA AGRON successfully channeled British supermodel TWIGGY on her Nylon magazine cover. Check it out:

dianna agron twiggy nylon

Dianna rocked Twiggy’s signature doe eyed look, courtesy of heavy black eyeliner and mascara. She also sported the supermodel’s plump nude lips and short blonde hair.

The “Glee” star, who appears on the cover of Nylon’s January 2012 issue, talks about how the media expects her to be very much like her mean cheerleader alter-ego Quinn Fabray. Dianna says:

“Especially in the beginning, [reporters] really wanted us to be like our characters, to simplify things… I was playing a well put-together popular character, and they were trying to push me into it, like that had been my entire life.”

Dianna, who is sweet and friendly in real life, obviously had a hard time dealing with that. She admits:

“…the whole time, my teenage self was crying at that.”

Unfortunately, this season may be the last time we see Dianna’s deliciously mean-spirited character on the hit musical show. She shares:

“Essentially, I’m a senior, so, I’ll probably graduate this year.”

Okay, enough of the “Glee” drama. What do you think of Dianna‘s Twiggy look?

Images Via Nylon Magazine / Marvin Scott Jarrett

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