An E! Online Executive says most people still love KIM KARDASHIAN, no matter what.

Tell that to the 250,000 people who signed the “No More Kardashian Movement” petition and submitted it to E! two months ago.

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E! Network bigwig, Suzanne Kolb says that most people like the Kardashian Klan well enough to watch their shows and buy their products, not matter now many detractors it seems they…and particularly Kim…have who love to bash them in the media on a regular basis…

“At their core, the Kardashians are an incredibly bonded, loving, large family who live an incredibly large life,”

Kolb revealed to The Wrap.

And we suppose it is this tenacious family togetherness portrayed on television that has a lot of people fascinated enough to sit through what many Kardashian detractors are calling pure, mindless and superficial trash.

“There’s a pretty large number of [TV{ families with that blend that resonate with viewers … I think there’s something emotionally aspirational around that family dynamic and visually aspirational about the way that family lives,”

Kolb added.

Now that 2011 is coming to an end soon, the Kardashian Klan has proven their mettle as a marketing force in their own right, even in the face of the massive negative publicity following Kim's divorce after her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries.

So is Suzanne Kolb right on the money? Do you profess your love for Kim Kardashian (and her family) too, and intend to salute her with a toast come midnight on New Year's Eve?

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