ASHTON KUTCHER spent Thanksgiving in his rural hometown of Iowa where girls (and guys) swarmed all over him…but he chose to commune with a cow instead.

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After the backlash from his estranged wife, Demi Moore‘s announcement that she was filing for divorce after six years due to his cheating ways, Ashton headed back down to his birthplace in rural Iowa where he hit several bars and got friendly with the locals. And the locals, particularly the women, were understandably extraordinarily friendly with him, as well…

“He was swarmed by girls,”

Emily Krajicek, a waitress of the The Sports Column bar, told People.

“He was swarmed by guys as well. You couldn’t get to his table. People were asking what songs he wanted to hear. He was singing, having fun.”

But we’re guessing Ashton wanted some calm serenity away from the hustle and bustle of Tinseltown where his failed marriage would still be awaiting him upon his return. So he spent more time communing with nature instead, choosing to be photographed with a cow rather than with a bevy of attractive young girls hanging off his arms.

“Country Giving”

goes the caption of his Twitter photo.

And we all do hope the nipping country air gives back some of Ashton‘s peace of mind…

Image via Ashton Kutcher‘s Twitter

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