JUSTIN BIEBER released another of his “infomercials” advising everyone not to give lame swag to their loved ones this Christmas, but to buy his fragrance “Someday” instead and make some Belieber deliriously happy for the holidays.

justin bieber someday print ad

The advertisement infomercial was aimed at Christmas shoppers everywhere who’re still trying to complete their Christmas list. And Justin, of course, knows that quality swag is a must-give to people you love so you don’t come across as a last-minute “sucky gifter”…

So The Bieb tells us all about how to avoid giving LHS, or Lame Holiday Swag, which comes with the attendance symptoms of:

1) a lame face

2) dry mouth

3) hysteria caused by uncool swag

How wise is this kid?

And how do we avoid symptoms of LHS? Why, buy his fragrance, of course.

“The joy of getting Someday protects your daughter from LHS, for life.”

And that, moms and dads, is an immortal quote to live by…

Photo Via Someday Print Ad

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