KATE MOSS led the parade of models who bared their “treasures” for the 2012 iconic Pirelli Calendar officially unveiled by the Pirelli Company in a black tie event hosted by actress Julianne Moore at Manhattan’s Park Avenue Armory.

kate moss 2012 pirelli calendar photo shoot

The annually awaited Pirelli Calendar is considered the the world’s only prestigious and exclusive “girly” calendar, which features shots that fall under the category of glamour photography. “Glamour” taken to mean artistic nudes, of course. And the yearly calendar dates all the way back to 1964, too…

Apart from Kate Moss, who proudly bares her 37-year-old “treasure chest” for celebrity photographer Mario Sorrenti, 12 other models and actresses, including Milla Jovovich and Lara Stone, are featured in the natural backdrop of sun-kissed Corsica, where the celebrity photo shoot took place.

“You know, originally I thought I was going to do very sexy pictures, and when we got there I realized that I didn’t want the pictures to be sexy at all,”

Sorrenti explained the shoot to EssCurve and celebrity gossip websites.

“I didn’t want them to be posing and arching and like sticking their boobs in my face or anything like that.”

The reason that makes the Pirelli Calendar a much sought-after item is the fact that it only goes on a limited run and isn’t available in stores. The Pirelli Company bestows it to it’s select customers and celebrity VIPs as a corporate gift.

Kate, I’ve known for 20 years. I can’t do this without her,”

Sorrenti said of his model ex-girlfriend who seems to be a perennial part of the Pirelli Calendar.

“We tried to keep it very simple, there were times where we did just photographs with the model and myself and there was no one around. I think that was the moment when I was able to capture some of the most beautiful photographs.”

Stunning? Yes. Provocative. Oh, yes.

Check out some select photos of the women of the 2012 Pirelli Calendar…

Photos By Mario Sorrenti For The Pirelli Company

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