Did KIM KARDASHIAN merely phone in her Haiti trip from a luxury hotel and attend a fashion show instead of going all hands-on like the rest of the celebrities who were helping out for real?

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According to Hollywood rumors, Kim stayed at the posh five-star Karibe Hotel in Port-au-Prince, and rode the streets of the earthquake-devastated country in a chauffeured convoy with a heavy complement of security guards that called to mind Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier, the country’s former iron-fist dictator…

Just how badly did Kim want to salvage her tattered reputation, and pose for photo ops, that she had to dig herself deeper into the mess she’s already in?

In fact, Kim‘s attitude during her trip so annoyed Oprah Winfrey (yes, the Oprah Winfrey), who has been there with Sean Penn for ages actually sweating it out with Haiti’s recovering people.

After the requisite photo ops with momager, Kris Jenner…because, yes, Kim traveled with her own camera crew… she caught a fashion show, then went back to her $1,000 a night Presidential Suite whose amenities included a private elevator, a Jacuzzi, and dual plasma TVs.

In her blog, Kim vehemently denies merely pampering herself in Haiti and having attended that fashion show:

“Some media outlets have tried to tarnish the motive behind my visit and have written completely ridiculous and untrue things. I have ignored all of this until now… but when a magazine makes the decision to twist the truth and write lies like that, it belittles the entire experience we had in Haiti, and I won’t let them do that.”

But here’s a video of Kim in said fashion show that she did not…we repeat…Did. Not. Attend.

Hey Kim, did you know you have an extremely well-dressed doppelganger in Haiti who enjoys working the runway in fashion shows? Imagine that.

Photos Via Kim Kardashian‘s Blog

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