LADY GAGA‘s had such a freaky (would it be anything else) year with celebrity photographer TERRY RICHARDSON who took some very interesting, and erotically bizarre shots of Mother Monster.

Were we expecting anything less?

lady gaga terry richardson

We all know Gaga never shies from attention, and she doesn’t put many limits on herself when it comes to visual self-expression. So team her up together with photographer Terry Richardson and you get a series of celebrity photo shoots that go beyond the norm of what you’d expect from a female entertainer…

Sure, there have been hotter celebrity photo shoots around…but do they get any weirder (and racier) than this?

Let’s face it, Gaga‘s never boring.

She owns the turf on the drama that is the visual arts, and her 2011 with Terry Richardson chronicles her descent into the strange and wackily fantastic oddness that only Lady Gaga can lay claim to.

So feast your eyes on Gaga and Richardson‘s photographic collaboration this year, because who knows what 2012 might bring…

Photos Via Terry Richardson‘s Official Website

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