Yep… it’s happened! LEONARDO DICAPRIO has found himself a new blonde model girlfriend in the form of Victoria’s Secret’s ERIN HEATHERTON—and just in time for the holidays, too! But will she be around for Valentine’s Day, or will Leo have moved on to next leggy blonde supermodel by then?

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Leo, whose relationship with Blake Lively fizzled out in October, is known for his penchant for tall, young, bronzed blondes. So, obviously, it stands to reason that when he is seen with a new blonde—and one who’s a Victoria’s Secret model, no less—bombshell in tow, it would probably be safe to assume that they aren’t just platonic friends.

With that said, celebrity gossip websites have recently learned that Leo, who is currently filming “The Great Gatsby” in Australia, was spotted in the company of Victoria’s Secret supermodel Erin Heatherton, who is, yes, another blonde. The two were photographed exploring the Vaucluse House in Sydney last week, and before that they were seen at a martial arts demonstration.

Could be a friendly thing, right? But, if that was the case, then why did Erin fly all the way to Australia just to see Leo? Do friends really do that?

Let us know what you think.

Also, what can you say about Leo and Erin? Do they make a cute couple?

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