Hollywood rumors say MILEY CYRUS thinks boyfriend LIAM HEMSWORTH is “The One.” But isn’t she too young at 19 to believe Liam‘s the only one she’s destined to end up with?

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Sure, they’re madly in love…they’re young and pheromones have been flung every which way. And if Miley thinks this is the basis for a lasting relationship, maybe she ought to consider giving it more time before deciding she’ll have only one man in her life forever. Maybe Miley‘s watched “Breaking Dawn” one time too many?

Miley‘s so sure about what she feels for her “The Last Song” co-star that she’s been telling quite a few friends she’s contemplating about making it a permanent thing. But as we haven’t heard a peep from Liam about this, we’re assuming Miley‘s sentiments are still under wraps.

“It couldn’t be better between the both of them.”

a source revealed to HollywoodLife.

“They are figuring out where to spend the holidays together, but it will be together and they are madly in love and inseparable. Miley thinks Liam is ‘The One’.”

Well, things seem to be working out well between the both of them, especially now that Miley‘s not particularly busy with any album, tour or movie. But what happens when their work gets in the way and takes them to opposite sides of the world?

Will Liam still be “The One” then?

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