Hollywood celebrity gossip has learned that SANDRA BULLOCK is definitely not ready to start dating just yet… she just wants to focus on motherhood for now

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Sandra, who filed for divorce from philandering ex-husband Jesse James last year, is still not dating, and she isn’t looking to start anytime soon. A friend of the Award-winning actress tells Us Weekly:

“She’s still not ready to date.”

That’s definitely understandable. Sandra is obviously still healing from her messy divorce, and she probably has her hands full with being a single mom.

Another insider shares:

“Her friends are always trying to get her to go out and meet guys, but she just wants to stay in and watch movies. She says dating is the last thing on her mind.”

So we’re guessing it’s safe to say that Sandra is on a sort-of hiatus from men right now… and who could blame her? Any woman who’s gone through what she did with Jesse would definitely steer clear of men, too.

Right now, only one member of the opposite sex holds Sandra’s attention… and no, it isn’t Ryan Reynolds.

It’s her son, Louis Bardo Bullock.

Do you think Sandra is right to stay away from the dating scene, or should she get back on the saddle post-haste so as to get over her scumbag ex?

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