We’ve never seen BRAD PITT going for this kind of crazy, electrocuted look, but here he is doing just that on The New York Times Magazine’s Hollywood issue cover.

brad pitt new york times magazine

Frankly, this is something entertainment news would normally expect from Johnny Depp, weirdo extraordinaire, but not hunky matinee idol Brad, who, truth be told, really looks like he’s had a “Touch of Evil”…which, incidentally, is the theme of this year’s issue…

So who is Brad attempting to channel here?

A whole lot of Peter Lorre maybe? And perhaps a little bit of Kramer? Whatever he’s doing, he’s trying to give us the impression he’s portraying one of Hollywood’s most famous bad guys that’ve graced the silver screen in the last few decades.

But he isn’t the only one featured in the magazine’s “Touch of Evil” Hollywood issue. You’ll also find sinister characters impersonated by the likes of George Clooney as tyrannic Captain Bligh from “Mutiny on the Bounty,” Mia Wasikowska as a vampy home wrecker, Rooney Mara as the androgynous sociopath, Alex from “A Clockwork Orange,” Gary Oldman as a menacing-looking ventriloquist’s dummy, Kirsten Dunst as a vampiric femme fatale, Glen Close as gothic silent movie star, Theda Bara, and Ryan Gosling as “The Invisible Man.”

Take a look at these never before imagined photos of Brad Pitt doing a very credible mental patient with a psychotic bent…

Angie, did you and your kids know daddy could look this seriously creepy?

Photos Via The New York Times Magazine

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