It seems like Oscar winner REESE WITHERSPOON thinks JUSTIN BIEBER looks like a girl…is a girl?

Hmmm…do we sense the presence of a green-eyed monster with a razor-sharp chin?

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The 35-year-old “Water For Elephants” star apparently learned the Bieb was excited about starring in a remake of the 1996 thriller, “Fear,” where Reese played a rebellious teenager who falls in love with a psycho schoolmate, Mark Wahlberg. The film was largely responsible for cementing the former rapper, Marky Mark‘s status as an actor, and now Justin Bieber has signified his interest in doing a remake…

MILEY CYRUS just broke her tailbone doing “flips.” Why she was so gung ho about performing acrobatics in her living room, no one can say.

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Unless she was performing for someone, and that someone owned the penis cake presented to him for his 22nd birthday which Miley tried so hard to fellate for the cameras a week ago.

What is it with Miley and her exuberant antics these days. Sure she’s young, but we’d expect a nine-year-old to attempt Cirque du Soleil tricks at home…not a 19-year-old!

REBA MCENTIRE‘s not dead, everybody. She did not fall 100 feet to her death while filming a movie in the mountains of Kitzbühel, Austria.

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In another celebrity death hoax news that’s been infesting the Internet in the past year and a half, the country music singer has become its latest victim. Can you believe a genteel gal like Reba would climb freezing Austrian mountains and make like “The Sound of Music” for a movie?

Thought not.

RACHEL MCADAMS recently revealed to Hollywood news that CHANNING TATUM played a practical joke on her during the filming of “The Vow”… and it involves a prosthetic penis.

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Rachel, who plays a woman who suffers from amnesia after getting into a car accident, got quite a surprise while she was filming a nude scene for “The Vow” with her onscreen husband, Channing. She tells Stella magazine:

Channing got the props department to make a prosthetic, um, member.”

REESE WITHERSPOON sparkled in a sequined Louis Vitton dress At “This Is War” U.K. premiere on Monday. Check it out:

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Reese, who wore a red “bombshell” dress for her most recent red carpet appearance at the 2012 Golden Globes, turned up at the U.K. premiere of her latest movie in a sparkling emerald green sequined Louis Vitton dress, which she paired with black pumps and a black clutch.

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