Hollywood celebrity gossip has just learned that ANNALYNNE MCCORD accidentally tweeted a topless pic of herself to a random fan! Yikes!

annalynne mccord twitter topless

AnnaLynne has now joined the many celebrities whose sensitive (and by sensitive we mean it shows some body part of them we’re not supposed to see) photos were accidentally leaked on Twitter.

But in AnnaLynne’s case, was it really by accident? How can you accidentally send a topless photo of yourself to someone you don’t know?

AnnaLynne reportedly tweeted the photo above to one of her Twitter followers, who immediately tweeted back to alert her of the mistake… and the fact that her nipple was obviously visible in the photo.

Within minutes AnnaLynne deleted the tweet and the photo (but of course it was too late, as the damage had already been done) and sent a direct message to Twitter user @meganraee—real name Megan Luja—to ask if the photo had indeed been deleted.

Megan replied:

“@IAMannalynnemcc I can’t reply in a message since you don’t follow me, but yes its gone!! I wasn’t sure if you noticed it when you posted”

AnnaLynne then cropped her nipple out of the photo and tweeted the newly cropped version to Megan, saying:

“This is for you @meganraee You rock! Xxx A”

We’re really confused. First, how could AnnaLynne send the tweet to some random fan, whom she doesn’t even follow? Second, if she was trying to send it to some boy toy of hers, why didn’t she send it as a direct message instead? And third, how could she not notice that her nipple was showing in the pic?!

What do you think? Accidental or not?

Photo Via AnnaLynne McCord‘s Twitter

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