BRAD PITT injured his knee after he wiped out skiing down a slope while carrying one of his three-year-old twins.

Surely a 48-year-old father of six should know better than that?

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Brad showed up at the Palm Springs International Film Festival’s Annual Awards Gala with partner, Angelina Jolie and a cane, which he used to assist him hobble across the red carpet. Bet Angie was furious when she learned he took that dangerous a risk with one of their precious children, although she looked to be all smiles in front of the paparazzi…

A rueful Brad, who’s being honored at the film festival for his work in “Moneyball” and “Tree of Life,” revealed he wiped out on a slope while carrying one of the twins, we’re not sure which one. The fall twisted his knee, and he suffered some ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) damage, as a result.

Why do we hear Angie thinking out to him loud and clear: “serves you right.”

Nevertheless, another injury was added when a fan went into paroxysms of delight upon beholding Brad Pitt and his cane, an ambulance had to be called to take the fan away in a stretcher.

Still has it at 48, that Brad

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