BRITNEY SPEARS‘ dad, Jamie Spears, plans to end his conservatorship as a wedding gift to his daughter.

Oh, yep. We get it. From one master to another.

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Still, Jamie Spears feels his once cuckoo kid has finally regained control of her senses, so he’s planning to rescind control of her finances and place them in her hands when she finally says “I do” to fiance Jason Trawick in the very near future (sources say Valentine’s Day on Maui). Which basically means that Britney‘s set to get her life back when she gets married…only, wait…that life will essentially be in Jason Trawick‘s hands…

Earlier on in 2007, when Britney was busy shaving her head, speaking in a British accent, bashing paparazzi vehicles with an umbrella, and taking her clothes off when the mood suited her, Jamie finally put his foot down and sued for conservatorship when Britney was court-ordered to receive psychiatric treatment after losing custody of her sons.

Four years on, Britney seems to have gotten control over her trainwreck of a life, and even gotten both her sons back. Now she’s about to become a married woman for the third time, Jamie‘s planning to petition the court to halt the conservatorship so Brit-Brit will be a free woman in every sense when she marries.

Er…until she marries, that is.

So how short a freedom is that likely to be?

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