Footie star DAVID BECKHAM will topbill the Super Bowl with an ultra sexy commercial that’s sure to get the ladies swooning.

david beckham h  m superbowl ad video grab

No more Kim Kardashian arching her prominent behind to sell shoes. All you’ll see is the Becks revealing his new H&M men’s underwear fashion line in his tighty-whities, and not much else. Bet you Victoria Beckham‘s gritting her teeth the whole time knowing the whole world will be ogling her man’s chiseled and tattooed bod come February 5…

We also bet no one’s going to notice that Madonna will be performing at half-time after the L.A. Galaxy midfielder’s commercial is played on the wide screen.

According to a statement David released earlier, he and his design team spent a total of 18 months developing his H&M collection.  Hmmm…it takes that long to design a line of men’s skivvies and underwear? Maybe Beckham personally tested each one. In that case, can we get a pair to sniff?

We’re looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday, and once you see this video sneak preview, you probably will too…

Photo Via Video Grab

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