Hollywood rumors are buzzing over DEMI MOORE getting herself a 26-year-old model as a boyfriend…uh, assistant…who she’s been seen with out and about in L.A.

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Is this Demi‘s “response” to soon-to-be-ex-husband Ashton Kutcher‘s rumored lady-love, a Demi doppelganger whom Ashton reportedly spent the holidays with in Athens? Because if Ashton‘s hung-up on women who look like his estranged wife, it looks like his estranged wife is also hung-up on men like Ashton…much younger men, that is…

The 49-year-old actress was spotted driving around L.A. with Blake Corl-Baietti, a 26-year-old California personal trainer who also moonlights model. But Demi‘s interest in Corl-Baietti isn’t because she wants to break into the modeling industry or hire a personal trainer.

According to sources, Corl-Baietti is her uh…assistant. So does he uh…assist her in getting out of her clothes and tucking her into bed?

We’ll never know unless Demi actually speaks out about what she’s “hired” Corl-Baietti for…whether to trim her hedges or chlorinize her pool…or whatever it is she needs him to do besides drive her around L.A.

What do you think?

Photo By PR Photos

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