HUGH HEFNER has one single New Year’s resolution for 2012…to stay single.

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You may think it mightn’t be the toughest vow to make good on, but knowing how much the 85-year-old connoisseur of flesh loves women, it may as well be a promise he’s likely to break before half the year is out.

Our proof? He’s been the hands-on Playboy CEO since 1953, and lived a shamelessly decadent lifestyle surrounded by naked women of his choosing…

“This year has been a very interesting year for me, I almost got married,”

The Hef told People Magazine in his famous understated way.

“And as Holly [Madison] — a dear friend and former girlfriend — said, ‘Well, you missed a bullet.’ I think that’s accurate. I am clearly not meant to be married. Married life isn’t for me.”

Hefner, who has only (surprisingly) been married twice (to Mildred Williams from 1949 to 1959, and later to former Playmate of the Year, Kimberley Conrad from 1989 to 2009), said.

It looks like the Hef equates his success with staying single, and with the raging feat of those Lindsay Lohan issues flying off the shelves like flocks of hungry pigeons sighting a crumb in New York’s Central Park, perhaps 2012 will be a better year for the Playboy patriarch and his 58-year-old girlie magazine…

You think?

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