JENNIFER HUDSON‘s New Year’s resolution includes no diets! We’re shocked. After loosing nearly 80 lbs. in the last year and a half, and attaining size zero, would she really ditch her failsafe svelte solution for the New Year?

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After shrinking to nearly half of her body weight, the “Dreamgirls” Oscar winner and “American Idol” finalist is shaking her head at dieting this 2012. Has she had enough of Weight Watchers, which she signed on to in 2010? Or is she disappointed her book chronicling her weight loss experience, “I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down” isn’t selling as well as Snooki‘s bestselling “A Shore Thing” and “Confessions of a Guidette?”

“First of all, no diets!”

Jennifer tells Fashionetc. in an exclusive interview.

“Please don’t do a diet. The best way is the healthy way, the natural way. I always say, if it can’t be done naturally it can’t be done by me. At all!”

Well, that’s the spirit. No Zantrex for this gal.

“You must always eat what you want,”

Hudson advices.

“When I’m like, ‘dang. I want my chocolate chip cookies and it’s 16 points,’ I’m going to eat at least half of it, but won’t have anything else.”

And besides…

“When I love something, and I know I [shouldn’t] eat it all, I love to feed other people.”

So, okay…if you can’t eat what you want, feed it to other people and snicker at the thought they’re going to get fat, not you.

Let’s hope Jennifer Hudson retains her whistle bait figure this year, because we sure as heck enjoy looking at her and marveling at how far she’s come…

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