JUSTIN BIEBER‘s league of Twitter followers celebrated his 16 millionth Belieber mark just after the clock struck twelve for 2012. Is this small town boy from Ontario, Canada closing in on Lady Gaga‘s 17 million Twitter followers?

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Justin‘s Beliebers were ecstatic at this milestone the “Baby” singer reached at the start of 2012, and they went and launched their own New Year’s party on the singer’s Twitter page to celebrate his 16 millionth follower. There wasn’t any food and drinks around, but the Justin horn-tooters lighted up the fireworks on his Twitter account which amounted to a massive celebratory bash on its own…

“January 30th 2010 = #1millionbeliebers – January 1st 2012 = #16millionbeliebers <3″

One tweeted.

“#16millionbeliebers We’re a big family. We will always have each others back. Justin is our hero. We will support him forever.”

Vowed another.

“This is so amazing.. I followed Justin when he only had 560 000 followers.. Now he has #16MillionBeliebers :’) So proud of how far he came.”

A Belieber loyalist gushed.

“Was around when 100 beliebers were around, and now I’m around when #16millionbeliebers are. And will be forever.”

A Belieber who’s been around promised.

One fan marveled:

Justin Bieber, the kid from a small town in canada. The town of 30,000 and 16 million fans! #16millionbeliebers”

And while some Justin Bieber detractors put in their two cents’ worth, they were few and far between.

“2012 is going to be a great year! #BELIEVE”

Justin tweeted back in gratitude.

“all of u inspire me. #real”

This kid is young and has a-ways to go. Will he eclipse Mother Monster‘s 17 million mark before the year is out?

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