Has KATY PERRY turned to one of her backup dancers for comfort after her agonizing split from RUSSELL BRAND? Well, why not…it worked for Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Britney Spears, didn’t it?

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Now that Russell Brand has been seen out and about with his virtual harem of beautiful ladies night after night…and has allegedly been trash-talking Katy to them, to boot…a devastated Katy looked for someone to turn to for solace, and reportedly fell right into the arms of one of her hunky backup dancers, Malik Le Nost

Malik, who?

Exactly. There’s not much we know about Malik Le Nost except that he’s currently working at Katy Perry‘s “California Dreams” world tour, and he has the most beautiful skin.

“During the tour last year, Katy became extremely close to her band and ­backing dancers,”

a source told the London Mirror.

“They all lived in each other’s pockets and ­everyone knew how much Katy was suffering – not least of all Malik.”

Hmmm…no wonder Russell Brand vetoed all Katy‘s entreaties for a reconciliation with her. He probably had an inkling his (better looking and well-built) replacement was waiting in the wings.
“Throughout her trip to ­Jakarta and Manila, Katy spent a lot of time with him and the pair would often stay up late into the night chatting and ­drinking in the hotel bar of The Ritz-Carlton.”
The source continued.
“When they were dancing on stage together, it was clear she only had eyes for him.”
Looks like Katy has found her rebound guy. Is her alleged romance with Malik going to turn out as hot as J. Lo‘s love affair with her backup dancer, Casper Smart is?

“They insist they are just good friends but their closeness has definitely set tongues wagging in Katy’s camp. Malik is ­absolutely ­gorgeous and clearly smitten by Katy, who finds ­everything he says hilarious.”

The source revealed.

“They have their own private jokes and he’s even developed a nickname for her – Messhy.”

Guess we have a new couple in Hollywood: Messhy and Malik.

How does that grab you?

Photos By PR Photos / Malik Le Nost’s Twitter

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