KENDALL and KYLIE JENNER are the newest cover girls of Teen Vogue magazine! Check it out:

kendall kylie teen vogue

This seems like such a striking contrast to their older sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe’s recent topless photo shoot, doesn’t it? While the three Kardashian girls wear nothing but jeans, Kendall and Kylie appear on the cover of Teen Vogue fully clothed in colorful, age-appropriate outfits.

Now despite the fact that they seem to do everything together and appear to be the best of friends, Kendall and Kylie admit that they do tend to “butt heads” every once in a while, like normal siblings.

Kendall tells Teen Vogue:

“We used to fight, like, three times a day. We’d punch each other, kick each other, pull each other’s hair. It was so bad.”

And what do they normally fight about? Well, clothes of course! And other stuff, too. While doing some professional eye rolling that only a teenager could do, Kylie rants:

“She [acts] like [she's] my mom, I swear. This morning, she walks in and goes, ‘Make sure you’re up.’ I’m like, Kendall, I’m up! I get it.”

Kendall adds:

“I’m already a mom to her. She goes out with her friends, and I know what she’s doing. I know she’s gonna go hang out with all her little boyfriends….”

The younger Jenner sister replies:

“Ugh, I would not wanna be your kid.”

Ah, sisterly love.

Check out the rest of the photos from Kendall and Kylie’s Teen Vogue photo shoot:

Photos Via Teen Vogue

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