KIM KARDASHIAN has gone and sued an anti-Kardashian website that asks people to boycott her and her family, celebrity gossip websites just learned. Looks like Kim doesn’t have thick enough skin if was able to get under it pretty good.

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Kim has sicced her plethora of high-powered lawyers on the website that claims the Kardashian Klan are an “un-American” family that represents “a stain on our culture” and “an embarrassment for our country.” It appears Kim‘s had enough of this site and has directed the family’s lawyer and a team of Hollywood attorneys to file a criminal harassment case against…

The website’s founder, who chooses to remain anonymous, says that he was only hoping to get 350,000 signatures when he began the petition in December 21 last year, but has already  accumulated over 500,000 signatures to date, as well as other online content highlighting all the negative publicity Kim and her family have received of late.

“They try to scare you,”

the site’s founder told the NY Daily News about Kim‘s suit after the head of her legal team had what is described as a “lengthy phone conversation” with him.

“They do not want bad publicity.”

The site is now shooting for 1 million signatures while continuing to ask the public to stop doing business with the companies that do business with Kim Kardashian.

So…you interested in signing up, too?

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