KIM KARDASHIAN‘s ShoeDazzle site serving the UK is due to shut down soon. Hmmm…it looks like Kimmy‘s romance with the Brits is dying down. Or is that the other way around?

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Kim launched ShoeDazzle U.K. last summer, but either this extension of her U.S. branch isn’t doing so well with the public…or the English don’t seem to be doing too well with her. Because just four months after its September 6 launch, the members-only Web site will cease its U.K. operations in order to focus on the American market, instead…

What happened to Kim Kardashian‘s seemingly enduring worldwide brand popularity?

ShoeDazzle U.K. site, whose homepage, strangely enough, does not feature a huge photo of Kim with a come-hither look or pouty duckface, is currently informing it’s members it will cease being functional by January 31, and that refunds will be issued to cover any remaining credits.

In the meantime, leftover stock has been marked down by 50 percent as a part of a “closing down” sale.

Well we guess that Kim K. party in that part of the world is over, at least

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