KIM, KOURTNEY and KHLOE KARDASHIAN are about to become immortalized as Barbie dolls, celebrity news has learned. And while Kardashian fans are probably very excited about this, we’re guessing some of the mothers out there might not be.

Let’s just hope Kim’s Barbie doll doesn’t come with a miniature plastic sex tape…

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Now we know why Kim was tweeting Barbie (yes, as if Barbie was a real person) and wishing her a “Merry Christmas” during the holidays. And now we know why “Barbie” tweeted back:

“Happy Doll-idays to you too, @KimKardashian! See you in 2012?”

Judging from the bizarre exchange, it seems Kim and her sisters will be immortalized as Barbie dolls this year. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe will all be miniaturized as Barbie’s “pals” in an upcoming limited edition Barbie doll line. A source tells Us Weekly:

“The dolls will reflect the girls’ measurements and may even comes (sic) in Kardashian-designed outfits.”

How do you feel about this new Kardashian Barbie doll line?

Photos By PR Photos /  Mattel

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