MILEY CYRUS got pretty “oral” with boyfriend LIAM HEMSWORTH’s penis-shaped birthday cake during the “Hunger Games” star’s birthday celebration last weekend at Club Icon in L.A. Check it out:

miley liam penis cake

Not exactly the best way to boost your image, Miley… especially after the whole “stoner” debacle a few months ago.

But really, this borderline inappropriate photo doesn’t shock us one bit. Miley obviously has no qualms about showing off her wild side, as evidenced by her letting herself get videotaped taking a hit from a bong, or photographed lying seductively on a bed wearing nothing but lingerie

So, yeah. We’re not surprised that Miley, who is only 19, allowed herself to be photographed tonguing her boyfriend’s penis… shaped birthday cake.

It’s just another day for Miley Cyrus, you know?

miley liam penis cake2

And if that’s not bad enough, there were also photos of Miley partying it up in a skimpy black dress, sipping what appeared to be a large pitcher of alcohol, and sucking face with Liam in the middle of the partying crowd.

miley liam birthday2

After speaking with eyewitnesses who were also at the club, TMZ reports:

Miley was drinking alcohol and partying all night.”

Tsk tsk. Oh, Miley.

Check out the rest of Miley‘s scandalous photos at Liam Hemsworth‘s birthday party.

Photos Via TMZ

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