PRINCE WILLIAM and KATE MIDDLETON have received some very unusual swag during the holidays. Because what else would you give the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, that fabulous royal couple who seem to have everything?

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And so over the holidays, including some of the late gifts that came trickling in after the New Year, William and his Catherine received a gamut of everything that ranged from some very practically British gifts of a sleeping bag, cufflinks, a flying helmet, an address book, and a ballpoint pen, to the extraordinary…a papier-mâché doll, caribou antler snow goggles, and a jar of Vegemite…

It seemed like the Duchess was a very popular figure last year because most of the presents were addressed to her.  Some of the gifts included goodwill tokens gifted the couple during their extensive tour of their British Royal Empire overseas last year -  Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as former colony, the United States.

And these included a tartan waistcoat, a knitted prayer shawl, a brown ash basket, a framed Canadian stamp, a peacock feather fascinator, a tartan fascinator, wooden heart box with charm bracelet, two polar bear lapel badges, rag and porcelain dolls, a hand painted scarf, two mosquito traps, leather-bound invitation to Parks Canada, two chef’s jackets, wooden humidor, children’s drawings, bottle of icewine, three red hockey jerseys (duh), Aboriginal bronze, cowboy hats, a framed facsimile of the First Treaty of the First Nations of Canada…and a dog toy.

Wait…what? Aren’t Will and Kate petless?

But the list doesn’t end there. The royal couple also received: A teddy bear (aww), iPad (sweet!), newspaper clippings from the Chicago Daily Sun & Times, a framed film still, a selection of medals, an apron, carved and inscribed building fragments from Christchurch earthquake, a block of jade, cricket hacket, Akubra hat, commemorative coins, and Aboriginal craftwork.

And the nation that presented the least presents? Why the former British colony of the U.S., of course. Apparently, Americans are long on hospitality but short on gifts. Who would have known?

Wonder what William and Kate are planning to do with all the curious and extraordinary swag they received over the holidays…

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