English stand-up comedian RUSSELL BRAND has started an odyssey of serial dating, and has been trashing soon-to-be-ex-wife KATY PERRY to the women he goes out with.

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Hmmm…bitter much?

Looks like Russell has left a lot of things unsaid before filing for divorce, and is making up for lost time by bad-mouthing Katy in front of the bevy of beauties he’s been seen with night after night. Didn’t these two meet for some last ditch talks to save their marriage? Looks like the dialogue may have turned ugly because Brand is certainly turning on the vitriol…

“She discovered through her friends,”

a source revealed to US Weekly.

“One of the women told a friend of hers and it got back to Katy.”

And here we thought Russell Brand was the kind of English gentleman who’d think to leave well enough alone…he filed the divorce papers, after all.

“He’s spoken terribly about Katy to them,”

the source continued, saying Russell has singled out a particular female from his string of ladies with whom he’d expressed the desire to “explore a relationship” with.

“[Russell] told her he wanted her to move in with him after the divorce is final.”

We think Russell Brand may be hurting very badly and reacting to that hurt in the wrong way, and Katy Perry‘s been keeping her mouth shut all this while in the face of rumor and speculation.

Say something already, Katy!

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