According to the latest Hollywood gossip, “Glee” star CORY MONTEITH held a raucous house party the other night… that got shut down by the cops!


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Obviously, being a celebrity doesn’t mean you get to throw a loud party without your neighbors complaining about it… because they will!

Cory reportedly threw a very noisy birthday party for one of his friends at his Hollywood Hills residence, which got shut down early (at 4:30 AM) due to the cops showing up.

Apparently, the neighbors got pissed and called the police. After speaking with law enforcement insiders, TMZ reports:

“We’re told cops spoke to Monteith and his roommate, who were both extremely nice to the officers… In the end, we’re told Cory agreed to shut off the music and end the party.”

Hmm. Maybe the party—which was attended by some of Cory’s “Glee” co-stars—was loud because they were all singing. You know those “Glee” kids… they just can’t stop belting out songs whenever they get together!

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