Hollywood celebrity gossip has it that JENNIFER ANISTON was spotted with a possible baby bump at the recent Walk of Fame Event.

Is it for real this time?

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Even though we’ve been keeping a close watch on all of the celebrities who may be showing baby bumps–or just overflowing curves that they unfortunately can’t hide–we have to admit that it is always the sexy blonde “Friends” star’s pregnancy rumors that we are itching to hear and report about.

With pregnancy rumors popping up and being denied over and over by Aniston, her new loverboy just might be the key to finally making her want to become a celebrity mom. I mean, come on, Jen! Haven’t we been waiting long enough?

“Chelsey Lately” writer Heather McDonald tells HollywoodLife.com at the QVC Red Carpet Style Event last February 23:

“When she came to do the show a couple days ago, you could tell she looked a little bit bigger. She could be pregnant.”

Heather adds:

“You can tell that Jennifer is so completely in love with Justin [Theroux]. She’s just glowing.”

Hmm. Because she’s in love or because she’s pregnant?

What do you think?

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