Looks like KATE BOSWORTH‘s boyfriend, director MICHAEL POLISH is a really great guy…he just posted a naked photo of her on Twitter.

kate bosworth micheal polish twitter whosay

Or at least as naked as she’ll let him…given she looks like she’d just woken up in this one, with her disheveled hair and sleep-heavy eyes…and the setting behind her appears to be some sort of boudoir where she’s sitting on an unmade bed framed by sheer silk hangings.

You get the idea…

Polish, 41, is Kate‘s rebound guy after she broke up with “True Blood” vampire, Alexander Skarsgård last year. Looks like things are heating up between Kate, 29, and Michael, however, because she’s allowed him the liberty of posting this revealing photo above on his WhoSay account.

“Just Like Heaven @katebosworth

Michael Polish wrote.

Was he perhaps referring to the night before…or the morning after?

In any case, it seems Polish has made his WhoSay  a virtual shrine to the wonder that is Kate Bosworth…because wouldn’t you know it, he’s got her photos all over the place…

Photo Via Michael Polish‘s WhoSay Account

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