KATE MOSS was all clothed, but decidedly creepy in a celebrity photo shoot for W Magazine’s celebrity fashion Spring issue.

kate moss w magazine cover

It’s seldom you see the supermodel fully-clothed…in fact, almost never…but here she is channeling good and evil in an unsettling  dual cover for the magazine’s March 2012 issue…

kate moss w magazine cover 2

In a lace Vera Wang and Erdem “habit,” Kate embodies the good, while in a Gucci silk georgette dress, she portrays evil. Strangely enough, in both set of shots from the 12-page fashion spread, she’s missing her eyebrows. Is this a new fashion trend we should take note of, as well?

The bizarre…and often disturbing photo shoot has Kate wearing an assortment of light-colored getups, including a Comme des Garçons silk satin dress that looks like a giant bow…

kate moss w magazine photo shoot 7

…while one 19th century aura “bad” photo has her reclining in a costume better suited for Lady Gaga, including head-to-toe latex from Atsuko Kudo and latex briefs by House of Harlot.

kate moss w magazine photo shoot 2

And while her “angelic” images are disquieting, to say the least…like Kate with this giant, bloody red swan, which just so happens to be a Stephen Jones for Giles headpiece…

kate moss w magazine photo shoot

…her “demonic” photos will truly creep you out. Take this pose in a custom Paul Hanlon headpiece that looks like oversized devil horns, paired with a Rocha black satin bodysuit:

kate moss w magazine photo shoot 3

Shouldn’t W Magazine, known for its provoking and controversial celebrity photo shoots and interviews, have scheduled this issue for Halloween instead of spring?

And while we admire Kate Moss‘ waif-like longevity in the fashion scene…we prefer her naked than dressed in fashion bound to give us nightmares…

Photos Via Steven Klein for W Magazine, March 2012 Issue

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