Is KATE UPTON dating New York Jets quarterback MARK SANCHEZ? According to Hollywood rumors, the buxom blonde has been seeing the NFL player for months… but neither party has confirmed the relationship.

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However, sources say that the Sports Illustrated cover girl and the Jets QB are definitely romantically involved. An insider tells Us Weekly:

“They started hanging out about 7 months ago… He [Mark] is always at her apartment [and] has dropped off gifts and flowers for her.”

But the insider adds:

“It isn’t serious.”

Meanwhile, TMZ caught up with Kate and asked her if she was dating anyone. The model replied:

“What do you think?”

Then, when asked point-blank if she was seeing Mark Sanchez, Upton coyly answered:

“I don’t know! It’s whatever you think!”

Sounds like a “yes” to us. After all, if Kate really weren’t dating Mark, a simple “no” would be the more logical answer.

What do you think of Kate and Mark as a couple?

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