Hollywood celebrity gossip tells us that KATY PERRY supports the rumored reconciliation between RIHANNA and her ex, CHRIS BROWN.

Really, Katy?

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Over the past few weeks, Rihanna and Chris Brown’s rumored relationship has become even more evident, thanks in large part to multiple sightings of the two partying at the same clubs, and of course, their sexually-charged musical collaborations, which have caused quite a stir among RiRi and Breezy fans.

And although the move elicited the disapproval and disappointment of the Barbadian beauty’s close friends and family, as well as her longtime mentor, Jay-Z, we know of one person who won’t frown upon the former couple’s obvious intent to get back together (if they haven’t already)… Rihanna’s BFF, Katy Perry! A source tells HollywoodLife.com:

Katy and Rihanna are best friends. Katy will support anything that Rihanna does.”

The insider adds:

Rihanna has been there for Katy through everything and they want the other to be happy.”

And it seems that Katy might have the right idea in supporting Rihanna in her decision to bring Chris back into her life, as it is becoming more and more apparent that no one—not even Jay-Z—can stop the “We Found Love” singer from doing what she wants. The source shares:

“They love each other, pure and simple… Some people around her aren’t happy and are trying to stop [the relationship], but it’s looking like it can’t be stopped.”

Do you think Katy is right to support Rihanna, or is she being a bad friend by letting her get back together with the guy who once beat her up?

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