KELLY OSBOURNE says she doesn’t want to be on medication her entire life so she goes to therapy.

Therapy, eh?

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Pretty potent, drug, that.

The potty-mouth English media personality, who has battled drink and drug addiction in the past, as well as a war with her weight, has lost 50 pounds and regained a lot of self-esteem during the period she joined “Dancing With The Stars in 2009.” It looks like she dropped a lot of other bad habits, as well, and accomplished all of this through therapy…

“I was filled with self-hate as a teenager after being bombarded with headlines like, ‘Ozzy‘s beached whale daughter.’ It was like torture to me and I really took it to heart. Being a teenager is hard enough without having to deal with that, so I turned to drugs to numb my pain.”

The 27-year-old “Fashion Police” co-host told British Hello! Magazine.

“Now I go to therapy because I don’t want to be on medication my entire life. There’s still a stigma about therapy, but it’s helping me put things into perspective and see the things that are superficial and shouldn’t be bothering me.”

Well, therapy’s better than being called a “beached whale” or a druggie, that’s for sure. And if Kelly thinks it’s what’s keeping her away from an addiction to alcohol and prescription medication, then a toast to therapy, that’s one less celebrity addict off the streets…

Photo Via Kelly Osbourne‘s Twitter

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