Former Destiny’s Child singer, KELLY ROWLAND is gushing about her goddaughter-to-be, BLUE IVY CARTER, calling her “absolutely gorgeous.

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Jay-Z and Beyonce‘s star child, whom no one has laid eyes on except her parents, close family member, nannies, bodyguards, and select friends like Kelly, is fast becoming the mystery of the quarter…when are we going to finally see this wonder baby who’s had the maternity ward of a top New York hospital closed off for her, had a Billboard Top 100 song dedicated to her, classic lullabies created for her, and even a strain of marijuana named after her?

Her proud father even cleaned up his act and swore to curse anyone who’d use the “B” word in front of him.

“She’s beautiful, she’s beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous!”

Kelly Rowland gushed to Access Hollywood.

She also explained why Beyonce and Jay-Z are closeting themselves with their newborn away from prying eyes.

“That’s their own piece of heaven, and I think it’s beautiful that they have it just for themselves,”

Kelly continued.

“Because when you have a beautiful baby, you know, you just want that for you and your husband and I think they are in that space.”

And she ended her the interview with a plea…or was it a warning passed on by the proud parents?

“Just leave them alone,”

Kelly implored.

And for now, we will. But who’s to stop enterprising paparazzi with their zoom lens cameras from infiltrating that snug little world for a chance at snapping a photo of Baby Blue?

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