KENDALL JENNER has gone blonde! Startling, isn’t it? It’s strange to see any of the females of the Kardashian Klan without their signature raven locks…

kendall jenner blonde

Yep… Kendall has gone the blonde route, much like her older sister, Khloe Kardashian, who once had bleached blonde hair when she was younger (and thinner).

Kendall posted a photo of her new hair color on Twitter, with the caption:

“New look….? What do u think? Loll”

Well, we think it looks gorgeous on her!

But here’s the thing…

kendall jenner brunette

She isn’t really a blonde! An hour after posting her blonde pic, Kendall posted another photo of herself… this time, sans the blonde hair. The 16-year-old beauty tweeted:

“Don’t worry! Still a brunette! #fooledyou #sillyme”

Kim Kardashian later explained on her Celebuzz blog:

“It’s just a wig, but doesn’t Kendall look great as a blonde!?!”

What do you think? Do you prefer Kendall as a blonde, or as a brunette?

Photos Via Kendall Jenner‘s Twitter

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