According to the latest star news, KOBE BRYANT promised his wife, VANESSA BRYANT, that he would never cheat on her again.

Scout’s honor, Kobe?

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In the wake of the couple’s recent reconciliation, TMZ has learned that Kobe made a vow to Vanessa to stay completely and utterly faithful to her… just as a loving husband should.

Sounds like something a serial cheater would say, but Vanessa obviously bought it, because she soon caved and took him back.

After speaking with sources connected to Kobe and Vanessa, TMZ reports:

Kobe has “aggressively” pursued Vanessa over the last three weeks, and she’s been receptive. We’re told Vanessa tends to believe Kobe, but still isn’t sure the marriage can be resurrected.“

In addition to his promise of fidelity, Kobe also won Vanessa back by buying her an assortment of ridiculously lavish gifts, including an extremely expensive piece of jewelry.

Diamonds are undoubtedly a girl’s best friend… but it seems these precious gems might just be a man’s best friend, too…

…especially when he gets caught cheating on his woman.

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